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About Us

Lamar Advertising Company is the largest sole billboard provider in the country. With over 100 years behind us, we're also one of the most experienced. Lamar operates more than 151,000 billboards and over 103,000 logo sign displays across the country and in Canada.

Lamar has 60+ transit advertising franchises that reach driving audiences through displays on bus shelters, benches and buses. So if you're looking for a vehicle for your message, chances are that no matter where you are, Lamar is ready to go to work for you.

We can also make your advertising message come to life through
state-of-the-art technology, strategic placement and demographic targeting. From concept to completion, Lamar delivers both the choices and the support that allow advertisers to deliver their message with maximum impact.

It's even more important to rely on Outdoor Advertising today as American consumers spend more time with Outdoor than watching television, reading the paper or listening to the radio.

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